YipeePet! The World's Largest 'Online Mall' by Categories for Animals, Pets & all related Products & Services  

Here's just some of great features of  YipeePet... **   YipeePet has literally  1,000's of Categories.   **   YipeePet can provide you instant access to 50+ countries & growing.   **  Yipeepet lets  you to search without any Membership.  **  YipeePet  accommodates virtually every category relating to Pets & Animals.   **  Yipeepet is Free to Join.   And here's the best part...   ** After placing your 1st Listing on any 1 country's  site  for just $19.90, you can place  unlimited  listings on that site FREE for a whole year!   

How YipeePet Works

With millions of animal lovers on this planet, we're sure you know a few yourself!   Please help us spread the word on what YipeePet can mean for so many people in need of a Pet Directory that gives so much!

YipeePet is Free To Browse & Join as a Member

There's literally 1,000's of categories on YipeePet.com, which makes it  so easy to fine tune  a search for a particular animal, product or service that you're looking for.   It's also fantastic in helping you to decide which categories to place your listings in with the additional benefits of  reaching more people.

By signing up as a Member, you can take advantage of all the assets such as, your own Admin section, the ability to save favorites, contact other Members and a whole lot more!   Explore YipeePet.com today!

Unlimited Listings for 1 Year for Just $7.00

Once you place your first listing and pay just $US19.90, we'll grant you Unlimited Listings Privileges on the country site you joined up on for 1 whole year!  So you can  spread the word of the same listing in various categories and also add as many different listings as you like!

If you want to place Ads in a different country, just upload your first listing for $US19.90 and you'll receive Unlimited Listing Privileges for that country site too!   Now isn't that easy, and unbelievably inexpensive? Of course, & you'll love it just as we do.

YipeePet is happy to just keep on Giving

There's no doubt that YipeePet gives you an unparalled category selection in which to make your listings & search  a seamless experience. There's also no doubt that our Unlimited Listings Policy gives Advertisers massive savings.  But YipeePet is also proud of the fact that we give $0.04 of every paid listing to Animal Charities.  (See  our Charity News Section)

We'll also announce what Members give in our Newsletter Subscription.    That just simply adds up to YipeePet.com being the most giving Pet Directory on the Planet!

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