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Here's just some of great features of  YipeePet... **   YipeePet has literally  1,000's of Categories.   **   YipeePet can provide you instant access to 50+ countries & growing.   **  Yipeepet lets  you to search without any Membership.  **  YipeePet  accommodates virtually every category relating to Pets & Animals.   **  Yipeepet is Free to Join.   And here's the best part...   ** After placing your 1st Listing on any 1 country's  site  for just $19.90, you can place  unlimited  listings on that site FREE for a whole year!   

YipeePet.. The most giving Pet Directory on the Planet

It may be possible for you to take advantage of opportunity that will allow you to operate you own YipeePet Directory exclusively in one or more of the countries listed below... 

The Pet Industry is worth many billions of dollars annually world-wide. YipeePet.com capitalizes on this huge market by providing the most comprehensive and giving Animal & Pet Directory sites on the planet.  

With 1,000's of categories & millions of people looking to showcase Animals, Pets & related Products & Service, YipeePet.com opens up the possibility for 1 Exclusive Operator in every country in the world to operate their own portal.

Browse through the countries below to see which one you'd like to operate the YipeePet Directory in on an exclusive basis.   Then click the the 'Country Inquiry Link' button so we can have a chat.

  * Denotes proposals forwarded but Country Availability still open.    If the country you wish to operate in is not listed, contact us HERE for discussions

*  Australia
 * Canada
 Costa Rica
 * Germany
 Hong Kong SAR China
*  India

*  Ireland
 * Malaysia
 Myanmar [Burma]
 * New Zealand
 Papua New Guinea

 *  Philippines
 Saudi Arabia
 South Africa
 South Korea
 * Spain
 Sri Lanka
 * Sweden
 * Thailand
 United Arab Emirates
 United Kingdom
 United States

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